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Chairman’s Message

Mr. Ronald Wu - Chairman

When HATA was established in 1957, our founders set out a number of aims and objectives. These include providing forum for members to deal with issues that are important to them, enhancing professionalism of members, assisting members to develop new business opportunities. Over the last 58 years, HATA has kept our primary objectives in mind and has put our increasing efforts to bring about change for the better. HATA has grown from a small lobbying body to a collective body with over 300 members, consisting of agents from inbound tour, outbound tour, ticketing, cruise and other specialties in the industry. We, serve as a platform, to consolidate the strength of the trade. 

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The HKSAR government has announced a 3rd round of Covid-19 relief funding on September 15th, for both business and individuals.

For more detail about the scheme, please visit below link:



The Special 100% Loan Guarantee under SME Financing Guarantee Scheme  is now open to applications. For more details, please visit:


The Second round of $137.5 billion Anti-epidemic Fund has been approved. For more details of the scheme and application, please visit the links below –


Main Objectives of the Association

To provide a forum for discussion of problems, suggestions or grievances presented by travel and tourist agents, who are Active or Allied Members of The Association.

To improve and maintain the standard of ethics within the travel industry in Hong Kong and to discourage unfair competition without however interfering in any way with initiative and enterprise based on fair trading.

To establish a minimum qualification of experience and good behaviour to warrant the use of the designations “Travel Agent” – “Tour Operator” – “Hotel” – “Hire Car Company” and “Restaurant” without which membership of The Association will be withheld.

To ensure that Agents sell passage tickets at tariffs advertised by their Principals and to ensure the exaction of penalties for infringements.

To offer assistance and suggestions to any Government and Consular services in connection with travel matters and to establish smooth liaison with such services.

To be of assistance to the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board in respect of tourism specifically and to maintain smooth liaison with such Director and the Board of Management.

To become a Member of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong to uphold and maintain and enforce the standards required by it for membership and to ensure that those Active Members of The Association who also become Members of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong uphold, maintain and abide by such standards. The Association shall not be permitted to become a member of any other association which itself becomes a member of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong.

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